Workshop, Coaching, and Consultancy Offerings

Set out below are a number of offerings to assist early-stage innovators in both startups and established organisations.

Workshop 1

Day 1

  • Introduction to Lean Startup: the concepts and vocabulary, tools, mindset and use of ‘Customer Development’ as they apply to product and service development
  • Participants will ‘get out of the building’ in teams to test the product & service ideas they bring to the workshop(s)

Day 2

  • Recap and reflections
  • Apply product management tools to the developing ideas
  • Use the Business Model Canvas to help turn product & service ideas into potential businesses, drawing on practical examples and relevant templates and supporting materials.

Participants go away with a changed mindset and a feeling that they can convert their ideas more readily into products and services which will gain traction.

Suitable for

Founders, Intrapreneurs, Scientific researchers

Workshop 2

A half-day introduction to the Lean Startup framework – essentially a tailored version of Workshop 1, with a couple of team exercises e.g. using the a Validation Board and Product canvases.

Suitable for

Students, Middle Managers, delivery teams

Lean LaunchPad

Should a longer course format be appropriate, I can make use of open source courseware to deliver an eight week ‘flipped classroom’ whereby students learn using an online learning tool [which hosts course material]; talk to customers between debriefing sessions; test their business model canvas hypotheses; and interact once a week with me, their tutor.

Suitable for

Founders, Intrapreneurs, Scientific researchers; those wanting a ‘deep dive’ into these techniques.

‘Playing Lean’ half day

I could also run a half-day workshop for those wanting a taster to Lean Startup, using a board game designed specifically for the purpose.

Suitable for

Senior and Middle Management; Finance; Sales & Marketing teams.

Coaching and Mentoring

My primary responsibility is to create a safe and confidential space for founders & entrepreneurs to share their truth and address issues which affect them personally, as a team, and in the organisational context.

The key aim is to empower those being coached to make effective and timely decisions – through guiding them to find their own responses, rather than fixing or saving them.

Having started my own consultancy business in 2008; worked in a startup; been instrumental in setting up a startup accelerator programme; and bootstrapped a social enterprise for two years, I can combine my experience with my Psychology degree and qualifications such as Master Practitioner in NLP. Read more about my experience here.

Suitable for

All Founder and Intrapreneurs who are grappling with the “emotional struggle of entrepreneurship”.

‘Lean Innovation’ consultancy

Applying the insights of the Lean Startup framework to existing organisations is a challenge! By combining proven business change disciplines with Lean Startup techniques adapted for corporates, innovators can bring together incremental, adjacent, and breakthrough ideas in one ‘continuous innovation’ model.

You can follow in the footsteps of General Electric, Intuit, Amazon and other organisations who foster a culture of experimentation to gain insights and test your ideas in quick, cheap and low risk ways to find out what existing and potential customers want and will pay for.

Suitable for

Innovation Managers; I am seeking early adopter Clients to act as co-creators for my approach.

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