At Souter Consulting, we’re focused on helping you achieve ‘business improvement through technology’.

We help businesses make the most of what technology they’ve got, and share information effectively – internally, with stakeholders, and the wider world – to boost the bottom line.

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Social Media

  • You’ve heard all about it, but what exactly is it, and what could it mean for your business?
    • The downsides make you cringe, but are they real and if so, what should you be doing about them?
    • There must be upsides, but where to start and how to avoid opening a ‘pandora’s box’?
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Do you feel you’re not getting the best out of your IT systems?

What’s the issue? Is it to do with:

  • Getting your staff to use the new system effectively?
  • Not sharing information properly, and duplicating effort?
  • Is it to do with the capability of your IT systems itself?
  • Business and IT speaking ‘a different language’, or needing help to better manage your outsourcing arrangement?
  • Have you tired of sharing Office documents on a shared drive and want to do it better?
  • Are you hearing people talk about things like SharePoint, Cloud computing, document management – and wondering what it’s all about?

We help SMEs deal with these issues and work with partners to provide a cost-effective service.

We can help you configure the tools (we don’t do tech implementations), and help bring your people along with the tech implementation.

Drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you!

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About Souter Consulting

Our service offerings are clustered in three areas:

  • Social Media – strategy, implementation, and outsource
  • Product explanation – helping you manage information, process, and take advantage of Cloud computing
  • Service exploitation – manage the human side of tech implementations, and thereby maximise your ROI

But we’re happy to mix and match, because it’s about what works for you!

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