People I work with

Ranjit Das

Ranjit DasRanjit has 25 years’ experience in industry – of which 10 years were spent in GE. He is a seasoned professional in people development with global organisations. He has a degree in Chemistry, an MBA and a post-grad diploma in HRM & Training.
His previous consultancy projects include:

  • Designing and running cultural integration programs for staff of GE-acquired companies
  • Designing & delivering development centres
  • Delivering core leadership skills programs
  • Devising and implementing a global high potential program for GE using project based learning
  • Designing and delivering a Sales Coaching program for GE; training 200 sales leaders around the world
  • Rolling out GE’s innovation program – Fastworks – to over 1000 leaders.
  • 1-to-1 coaching of executives in GE

Focus on Innovation Coaching

Ranjit spent the last two years in GE as a Master trainer and Coach rolling out the successful ‘Fastworks’ program. He trained over 1000 Product Managers and Engineers on the Lean Startup principles:

  1. Understand the customer’s problem
  2. Identify potential solutions
  3. Test the possible solutions with the customer
  4. Review what was learned
  5. Decide whether to continue on the same course, change direction or stop

He is now established as an independent Lean Startup Coach and supports other companies successfully bringing new products to market.