How you can benefit from the Lean Startup framework

I agree with a recent podcast speaker that we have moved from an entrepreneurship ‘black box’ to a playbook – arguably based on the Lean Startup framework.

The approach I use therefore is about helping more entrepreneurs become more successful through learned skills, rather than creating an entrepreneurial ‘personality’. These are accessible and readily available tools and approaches which are less about where you’re from and what you believe – and more about where you want to go and your sense of ‘can-do’. Not everyone wants to act like Sir Richard Branson, or be part of the “Dragon’s Den” mindset!

The Lean Startup is based on an experimentation approach, which tests everything about a business, including the product or service, price points, the business model itself, marketing messages and channels: basically to discover what works and what doesn’t, and what problems customers value enough to pay to have solved.

This helps entrepreneurs in the creative and digital industries make better decisions in conditions of extreme uncertainty and how best to deploy limited resources to have the greatest impact. It provides an on-ramp to a global community of fellow founders who draw upon a rich and deep body of freely-available knowledge based on continuous learning and experimentation.

The Internet has smashed existing business models for many industries, for example musicians and creatives need to innovate how they can get, keep and grow customers and create sustainable revenue models. The Business Model Canvas (and associated tools and model templates) is the most appropriate tool for the early stage business people we seek to serve and support. Lean about the Business Model Canvas using these videos:

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