Customer goals & challenges around Innovation

I had a think about what challenges Clients have, and what they’d like to achieve around Innovation (apologies for buzzword blizzard):

  1. Create intercept strategy to address the threat of disruption by setting up capability / unit which
    1. creates new products and services, and
    2. is the right configuration to sense what’s coming over the horizon
  2. Get better at product and service development, customer discovery, and ability to create breakthrough innovation
  3. Create opportunities for entrepreneurial staff in your organisation, and give them a productive outlet to explore business hypotheses
  4. Improve morale and retain leadership candidates through giving opportunities to create new things and test better ways of working
  5. Become more commercial in a time of more limited resources; help innovators become more entrepreneurial and keep their fresh thinking inside the organisation (e.g. Social enterprises and public sector organisations)
  6. Generate greater organisational agility through internal capability which complements incremental and adjacent innovation
  7. Complement products and service innovation with business model and value proposition innovation
  8. Experiment with an experimental / search mindset to complement execution approach and ‘Stage-Gate’ innovation processes
  9. Replace ‘no’ with ‘bring me validated learning’ and transition to data-informed organisation which can raise cadence of new product / service introduction and hence reputation and share price
  10. Turn investment into greater ROI through portfolio of initiatives with diversified risk, and harnessing existing financial decision-making approach
  11. Prolong corporate life expectancy by cannibalising your own offerings

And do all this whilst maintaining ‘execution‘ focus, keeping delivering products and services, and motivating the colleagues who excel at this.

Let me know what you think

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