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A busy eighteen months for Souter Consulting #1: Dynamo North East

September 7, 2015

Welcome back Although this blog has been asleep for a while, I’ve been flat-out super busy. I’m catching up by way of a few posts about: Dynamo North East Lean Startup workshops I’ve run Lean Innovation It’s been a busy eighteen months! Dynamo North East – – backstory & defining the North East IT economy […]

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Some reflections on Big Data – Strata Europe

November 16, 2012

Introduction I’ve recently been to several meetings in London, and had the opportunity to learn more about data, analytics, and developments in this area – especially around ‘big data’. It follows on from my interests in Cloud computing, business & web analytics, data and data visualisation, innovation: I think you get the idea. Hopefully these […]

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Supermondays data visualisation evening – May 28th

May 8, 2012

Introduction Taken shelter from the ‘data explosion’? Looking for the patterns which become information and better decision-making? Join us at Supermondays on Monday May 28th and hear from a varied line-up about data visualisation – how software tools can help us seeing further, and differently. Context Inspired by Jer Thorp’s talks at Thinking Digital and […]

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Impact of big data and social media #2 – McKinsey Quarterly

November 18, 2011

Introduction Second in a series of two posts about big data and social media. First post is here. This particular post draws upon three articles published in the McKinsey Quarterly. Getting to grips with ‘big data’ Here, I’m concentrating on ‘big data’ which, I think, is rather eloquently captured in this vignette by Brad Brown, […]

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Microsoft’s Online Services presentation to @NEBytes

August 25, 2010

Introduction As per my recent post about Onyx & Cloud computing, I’m interested in business opportunities in the Cloud space, rather than the more technical stuff. I guess I’m interested from the business-technical angle. I’ve recently been investigating what Microsoft is up to, and below is my presentation to the NE Bytes massive on the […]

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Discover what I read / have read

August 6, 2010

Intro Reading helps me keep up with the latest developments, learn about best practice, and stimulate new thinking. I’ve found myself recommending books to folk I meet, usually via an e-mail. To try and short-circuit this somewhat clunky approach (and make a trickle-feed of associate wonga), I’ve created this Amazon Associates store. If imitation is […]

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Preso: The importance of cloud computing and related market opportunity

July 5, 2010

Introduction Last week I attended an internal workshop with Onyx Group, to help them discuss the next steps for their cloud offering. My slot was wedged between a fascinating talk about online backup from Alexander and Saaher from Securstore, and Steve Caughey of Arjuna Technologies Ltd (fyi this useful video re Arjuna’s Agility product). My […]

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Presentation from Cloudcamp Gateshead with slides & video of my talk

June 2, 2010

Introduction A post covering my recent attendance at CloudCamp Gateshead on May 5, 2010. The organiser, Ross Cooney, asked me to give an introduction to Cloud Computing, and was kind enough to edit the footage taken by Northern Net. As of the time of writing this post (2nd June 2010), the slides have had 8847 […]

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Enterprise 2.0 – so what are your next steps?

May 20, 2010
This entry is part 4 of 3 in the series Enterprise 2.0

Introduction Part 4 in a series about the impact that Web 2.0 could make on the organisation / business. In this post, I’ll attempt to synthesise some ideas about what is going on, and what it all means for you. Ok, so here it goes re my thoughts I think there is an upcoming and […]

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Social Media lecture to Newcastle Uni MSc students

May 19, 2010

Background I had been asked by Katie Wray, Curriculum Development Officer in the Careers Service at Newcastle University to present to the  MSc Renewable Energy, Enterprise & Management course, which I did yesterday. I think only one person feel asleep, which I hope was reasonable indication of success! ;-) There seemed to be a wide […]

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