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Cross-post: “Is Business Coaching for you?”

February 4, 2019

Cross-posted from https://generator.org.uk/newsroom/business-coaching/is-business-coaching-for-you-3/, and based on work that Mike and I did together through Generator’s Digital Futures programme. Business Coach Justin Souter tells us about his work with mentee Mike Jurowski to develop his recruitment startup, WotJob. Situation Mike Jurowski has worked in recruitment for a number of years with market leaders such as Michael Page […]

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Meet The Coach – Justin Souter

January 16, 2019

Cross-posted from https://generator.org.uk/newsroom/business-coaching/meet-the-coach-justin-souter/ based on the work I did via Generator’s Digital Futures programme. “This week we get up close and personal with one of our longest standing business coaches, Justin Souter.” What do you do and how did you get started? I’ve worked as a consultant for the last twenty years, starting at an […]

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