Join us at Lean North East event on 6th Dec at Campus North

by Justin Souter on November 22, 2016

… and we’re Back!

Join us for an exciting evening with the (re)launch of Lean North East, on 6th December at 5.30 pm (for 6) at Campus North.

Lean Startup for Business Innovation

The focus of the evening is ‘Why are we Using Lean Startup for Business Innovation’?

The evening consists of early drinks and networking, a number of speakers doing short talks, and then an interactive session to get you engaged and talking to each other.

The aim of the evening is to spearhead business innovation activities in the North East, with a focus on early stage startups and corporate sector growth.  Keep Calm and RebootDeveloped and created for our local community in the North East to inspire new ideas and practically discuss tools and models to use within a dynamic, fast growing environment, involving a blistering pace of change. Learn, grow and develop new insights into the latest business innovation techniques. This will be part of a series of events across the year, so join us to be part of it. Go ahead and sign up now, and please feel free to share as widely as you like using the buttons below.

Speakers to look forward to

Where we’ve got to…

Dr. Janette Young of NUBS will recap the Lean Startup message, explore the emerging ‘Lean Innovation’ theme, and introduce a student report from Stanford University.

Applying Lean Startup principles in a global engineering business

Tom Willshare leads R&D for the local division of an industrial services company. He will tell us how Lean Startup methods are being used to measure the performance of their latest equipment, the role of innovation as competitive advantage, and the potential move to closer customer relationships by pivoting to more of a service model.

Kick Cards – James Rutherford

Startup Kick CardsThe Startup Kick Card Deck is a tool for startups and agile teams. They help you innovate. They help you identify business strengths and weaknesses. They can be used for team idea sessions, to sharpen your thinking as an individual or as a facilitation and mentoring tool. James will be giving a brief demonstration, and asking for feedback.

The State of Lean Startup 2016

Catch up with Eric Ries’ Opening Remarks at Lean Startup Week, SF Nov 2, 2016 – which are his thoughts about where next [up to 9mins]

Future plans

A key goal is – as ever – to spread the benefits of the Lean Startup framework to a wider audience.

Hopefully to keep tabs of the various strands of the movement, which – whilst getting richer in depth – need a bit of thought about how to implement and make the most of…

There are more folk applying the insights here, so perhaps running an event once a quarter would be something to aim for, e.g. featuring local speakers re Lean Innovation and thereby connecting business folk interested in this domain. Maybe also looking more closely at developments relating to the business model canvas etc.

How you can get involved

We’re grateful for any support and / or assistance!

It would be great if could please fill out this form or tweet us if you’d like to be involved, and recommend LNE to your Friends.

You could also send an e-mail to us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as I / we can.

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