Business improvement from Lean Innovation

by Justin Souter on January 5, 2016


A recap post of my delivery relating to Lean Startup and Lean Innovation, and part of a series I’m posting on the latter.

My recent work

My first piece of delivery relating to Lean Startup was two years ago: “Workshop: Lean Startup in an Established Business”.

From there, I have been giving workshops & assistance for startups – at Teesside Uni, Northumbria Uni, and Newcastle University Business School.

I’m also reminded of curating and chairing a session at Leanconf 2013 – “Q & A Panel: Lean Startup & Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship” with Dan Toma, Barry O’Reilly and Anna Kuriakose

Presentation to North East LEP accelerator & incubator group

This deck below is my summary presentation of The Lean Startup and Business Model Canvas for a group brought together by Hans Moller, Innovation Director of the North East LEP last month.

Hopefully the attendees will consider my suggestion that they consider the Lean Startup framework in relation to startups and also existing organisations (i.e. Lean Innovation).

My new card – “Business improvement from Lean Innovation”IMG_20151221_115033

Because of the expanding scope of my delivery activities, I’ve recently updated my business cards. What do you think?

Interested? Please do get in touch

I really enjoy the interactive nature of delivering workshops for established businesses, and early stage enterprises – and my experience is that my alumni get insight from participating, and leave with fresh thinking and a spring in their step: which they translate into business benefits.

Contact me via Twitter or else via the Contact form – I look forward to hearing from you!

My next post details workshops I’m running at a Local Council here in North East England, and experiences / lessons learned there so far.

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