September 2015

A busy eighteen months for Souter Consulting #2: Lean Startup

September 22, 2015

Intro I’ve been living the startup rollercoaster ride in my role running Dynamo North East. Fortunately, I’ve been able to draw upon my experience and learnings connected to the Lean Startup framework; check out Steve Blank’s summary as a great place to start. This post summarises what I’ve been up to in this realm over […]

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A busy eighteen months for Souter Consulting #1: Dynamo North East

September 7, 2015

Welcome back Although this blog has been asleep for a while, I’ve been flat-out super busy. I’m catching up by way of a few posts about: Dynamo North East Lean Startup workshops I’ve run Lean Innovation It’s been a busy eighteen months! Dynamo North East – – backstory & defining the North East IT economy […]

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