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by Justin Souter on December 19, 2013


Cross-posted — with permission — from the blog at Oasis School of Human Relations.

Post from Oasis

Last week we had time with a quirky, energetic, knowledgeable, and bright eyed IT and social media consultant and developer who is into lean start-up, helping ventures succeed and cutting through the BS.

He visited us to help review our own approaches to this fragile yet ubiquitous realm.

At the end of January, after a stint within a company, he is returning to the consultancy and ‘helping others’ world, so his details are at the end of this post for anyone interested in finding out more. He also wears great shoes!

Refreshingly at the end of the meeting I felt encouraged, supported, affirmed and on track (with a few tweaks) in terms of our own social media practice and current tools.

I also came away with a new perspective on the emergent aspects of Oasis.

This perspective will not be new to many, but it is the thought of giving some of our service offers a clearer internet ‘home’ that allows those who just want part of what we do, and to access it easily – essentially a transactional relationship.

To be able to engage with those who offer it, get information, read and post blogs about it, and essentially recognise the distinctive ‘brand’ of a service, without having to get to it through our ‘school’ website.

It is fed by a view that to exist and thrive, let alone survive, a web presence of some form is needed, and the easier and more accessible it is, the better. I have no doubt that this will be an exciting and new venture in the coming year – so we will keep you posted.

Justin Souter meeting with directors

Justin Souter meeting with directors

Justin Souter was the man I mentioned at the start, and it was meeting him in person that has helped me to re-evaluate where I am and what I need to stay awake to, without self-flagellation (his words), and to embrace how good we are at connection in the ether – more on this in my next post.

Our meeting with him was timely as we embark on a new phase of social connectivity both in and out of the internet.

My commitment is to ensuring we develop ourselves in the realm we are about at our core – human relationship that honours and meets the whole self.

Justin Souter can be found at:

Web: http://souterconsulting.eu/

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/justinguysouter

Twitter: @souterconsults

Written by Nick Ellerby, Co-director

Justin Time

Feedback and reflections

It was great to get some more feedback from Nick at Oasis:

A really enjoyable session with Oasis, who have an exciting pipeline of content and capability that became apparent as we discussed their wider plans.

They’re already present in a number of social media channels – so I’m looking forward to learning more about their strategic developments in the New Year.

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