Lean Conf 2013 – Reflections

by Justin Souter on November 1, 2013


leanconf logotype 1024x856 Lean Conf Panel: Lean Startup & Corporate Innovation and EntrepreneurshipA super-quick post with some thoughts about Lean Conf 2013, and my attendance.

Lean North East – Represent

It was great to travel to and from the event with Umar Yusufu, as part of the Lean North East contingent. Also, we had Peter Nelson in the house, which was great.

I believe we were able to give a good account of activities in North East England, along with Bobby, Jim, and Sarah from Searchcamp (and Antonio from LeanSalesPanel) :-)

Great Admixture

There was a moment on Saturday afternoon when it struck me that there was a throng of people from many different backgrounds: Founders, UX folk, Service Designers, Consultants, Educators, Startup Coaches, Startup Accelerators, Journalists, and so on.

We were all brought together under the banner of ‘Lean Startup’ and it was good.

I’m hoping that discussions we had about supporting Lean Startup groups in the UK and Europe will proceed – really exciting possibilities :-)

Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship – session proceedings

I thought the two sessions I chaired went really well [and then went to other sessions, which were excellent :-)].

Thank you panellists Tendayi, Dan, Barry, and Anna. A massive thank you also to the audience, who were excellent :-)



Part of the Audience


Photo of the Panel by @umaryusufu



Soundcloud recording of the panel I chaired

In a previous post, I set out the plans for the Leancamp session Lean Conf Panel: “Lean Startup & Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship”

Hopefully this Soundcloud widget will give you a sense of proceedings – there was a bit of cussing [ahem, sorry it was me mainly] but hopefully you can make sense of what people are saying.

Please get in touch if you know anything about editing / splitting Soundcloud recordings ;-)

My Photos

I was rather too engaged with participating to take many photos, however here’s mine:

Awesome work by Ben and Manuel (et al)

Ben Aldred and Manuel da Costa deserve massive kudos for a job super well done.

It was the first time they’d organised an event, and it’s the first Lean Startup event in Europe (that I know of).

It seemed like a mature event with great speakers, fun participants, and good organisation.

Next Year

Next year I’d like more of the same – but IMHO it should be attended by Educators, VCs, Business Support organisations, Civil Servants, perhaps more Social Enterprises, and Innovators everywhere.

Lean Startup has a massive amount of offer – let’s all pull together to create value. <Justin out>

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