My excellent new role – Programme Manager, Searchcamp

by Justin Souter on April 18, 2013


As many of you will know, I am a consultant by background, with a passion for coaching and advising others to succeed through spotting opportunities, and acting on them.

Originally working as a business consultant at an IT outsourcer, latterly I have been active in the startup sector, both working in startups, and advising them as a consultant. I have taken to heart the Lean Startup approach, which is something I have been bringing to North East England through Lean North East events, and now Searchcamp.

What is Searchcamp?

I’m cross-posting from the About Searchcamp page.

We’re a 12 week immersive accelerator programme and follow-on incubator for early stage internet startups and tech entrepreneurs. We provide seed capital and a mentor-driven learning programme designed to get you ‘investor ready’ and to product/market fit.

Headquartered in the awesome Boho4 — at the heart of Middlesbrough’s Digital City — in the inspiring Boho Zone, Searchcamp is rapidly building an outstanding programme for Tech Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders across the region and beyond.

We’re backed by both private investors and Teesside University, and in addition to being full-on involved in this area, what has struck me powerfully has been the enthusiasm and commitment from the amazing people Teesside Uni who engage with the business community and foster startups. I believe we can do great things together.

My Role

From summer 2011, I have been working with Bobby Paterson, latterly CEO of startup business Happiest. Bobby approached me in the New Year to help him launch and run Searchcamp.

The opportunity to coach and mentor early-stage businesses and build a startup community is a fantastic fit for me, a role I relish, and which formalises activities I’ve been doing for some time now.

I passionately believe we can create future prosperity by adopting Lean Startup principles — along with advice from related disciplines — by minimising waste through effective decision making. I have written about this elsewhere here on my blog.

I do much of the day-to-day organisation of the Searchcamp programme, and will also be acting as a sounding board for our teams to help them make the most of our amazing mentors and support activities.

Helping build Middlesbrough’s Startup Community

We are very much taking the wider perspective about creating prosperity here in Middlesbrough.

As big fans of Brad Feld’s Boulder Thesis and avid readers of his book, Startup Communities, our goal is to create a winning formula for Searchcamp through proactive and on-going events and participation in the Teesside community.

We want to encourage students and would-be entrepreneurs to consider starting up a scalable business around their own ideas, and the local service sector to get bang up-to-date with how we can ‘grow the pie’ for everyone.

Get involved! Apply Now.

Please visit our website and read up about us; if you’re a startup, wanting to make the most of our imminent accelerator programme, apply here straight away.

We’ll be using Twitter and Facebook to get our message out, and we’d appreciate retweets and likes etc. to get our message out.

You can also play an active part in our success by referring promising teams, volunteering to be a mentor, and offering to be an investor. We believe we’re building something special and that it will make a massive difference, so we look forward to hearing from you!

First things first

I’ll be doing some fairly radical pruning to content on this site, although I intend to continue blogging about business topics that take my interest and I wish to share.

Thanks everyone for your support, encouragement, and assistance to get me into a position to be right for this role. I really appreciate it!

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