by Justin Souter on March 11, 2013

Crossed-posted from NCFE at NUBS for LNE.


We recently held our third event, after the Rob Fitz talk, and our Lean Tapas social. This is a brief recap of our third event.


On January 14th we were be joined by Lindsey Gibson, IT Services Manager at NCFE and David Grailey, Chief Executive.

They talked about their experience of the Lean Startup Machine and how they are applying Lean Startup to product development, innovation, and company growth. Lindsey also talked about her learnings from the LESS 2012 Lean and Agile Conference held in Tallin, Estonia in November 2012.

Thanks to Newcastle Uni Business School

The evening was kindly hosted by Newcastle University Business School, and particular thanks go to Colin Ashurst for making our event possible.


Both David’s talk — about applying Lean Startup thinking to internal innovation – and Lindsey’s talk (below) were very well received, judging by the Q&A sessions afterwards.

Write up by Chris Gibbons

Chris Gibbons has done a tremendous job at capturing the key points from the evening, so – take it away, Chris! :-)


Chris also very helpfully listed out some useful information sources:



Many thanks for everyone who responded to our post-event survey. It’s very powerful to hear from folk about their differing needs. I know that Emma and I have already used it to guide LNE planning.

Get involved

We are very keen to get as many people involved as possible – in the mould of Brad Feld’s ‘Boulder Thesis’. You can do this via:

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