@leancamp’s @robfitz at @leannortheast – a triumph!

by Justin Souter on October 24, 2012

[Cross-posted from Lean North East]


I’m so glad and grateful to be able to blog about the initial meeting of Lean North East – and also be able to say that Leancamp’s Rob Fitzpatrick presented to the group at the old Post Office in Newcastle’s Pink Lane.

This post gives some description of the recent event, along with video of Rob’s talk (in three parts); photos of the


Big props and thanks go to a number of people:

  • Our own Emma Robinson, who ‘produced’ the event and created the impetus
  • Paul Smith, wearing his Ignite100 hat, who brokered the introduction to Rob
  • Paul Lancaster, supporter of entrepreneurs and enterprise, and who helped us with the venue.

One reflection is that we used the old Post Office immediately after PHPNE, and perhaps there is further scope for an event where many of the user groups in the North East inter-operate?


Super big shout out to both Ignite100 and Sunderland Software City for sponsoring the evening. Many thanks to them for making the evening possible, and keeping everyone alert and attentive through the supply of pizza nom nom!


I’ve edited the footage of the evening into three slots – before and the pizza, and the Q&A. I hope you find it useful!

Any problems with the video showing, these are our videos on Vimeo.


Rob’s deck from this talk should appear below (tech willing) or on Slideshare here if the tech is weak!


Some snapshots to give a flavour of the evening.


John Hill interviewed Rob after the event – you can listen to it below on audioBoo.


Feedback from Twitter via the #leannortheast hashtag.

What’s next

What would you like?

Please also check out our presence on UserVoice – which I’ve set up to find out what you’re interested in, and what you’d like to get more of.

Next event

Props to Philip Poots for suggesting our next event is a discussion session for everyone’s side-projects. Philip has posted his idea to UserVoice so others can comment and vote on the idea :-)

Bring Leancamp to Newcastle

Emma has signed up to bring Leancamp to Newcastle. Please check out the ‘Want Workshop’ page – we’ll tweet when the Newcastle appears on the city page.


I hope you found this useful, and that you follow us on Twitter, and also sign up to our mailing list.

Thanks for reading this – please comment and / or feel free to e-mail us or get in touch through the blog.

Thanks very much for your support – Justin


  • 3rd video re-uploaded to Vimeo :-)
  • Section recognising our generous sponsors
  • Rob’s slides posted
  • Changed ‘Next Event’ section now that Philip has posted his idea :-)

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