The Lean Startup – resources what I have found

by Justin Souter on September 4, 2012


I’ve compiled much of the material I’ve read, watched, and listened to – along with some other good stuff I plan to get round to!

This post relates back to my recent post “The Lean Startup – something for many to benefit from”.

The contents of this post include:

  • Who’s who
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Newsletters
  • Tools
  • Events in general
  • Related activities in North East England
  • Books

There is always going to be more, however this is as much as I can compile for the moment!

Update: I’ve been asked to plug the forthcoming ‘Women’s edition’ of London Startup Weekend. It starts the evening of Friday 14th September, and finishes on the Sunday evening. I’m hoping to go, and they’re hoping for as many lady entrepreneurs to be there as possible. Let me know if you want someone to go with! :-)


Eric Ries

Eric Ries

@ericries + blog. Wrote The Lean Startup and evangelises the approach

Steve Blank

@sgblank + blog. Wrote The Four Steps to the Epiphany and now The Startup Owner’s Manual

Dave McClure

@davemcclure + blog. VC and inventor of the AARRR metrics framework, something deceptively simple, but powerful in practice! More in a future post.


Brant Cooper – @brantcooper + blog; Patrick Vlaskovits – @Patrick Vlaskovits + blog. Together they wrote The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development , and have The Lean Entrepreneur coming out.

Salim Virani @SaintSal + blog. “Creator of Leancamp, supporting the #leanstartup #custdev & #bmgen communities.”

Lean North East – @leannortheast + blog + Google group. Momentum is building to bring Lean and related disciplines to North East England.

There are stacks of others – however, I’m running out of time on this!


I am over half-way through this excellent (and free!) Udemy course – Build. Measure. Learn. Lean Startup SXSW 2012.


Readers of this blog will know I prefer to listen to podcasts (usually in the car) over watching videos. Here’s a selection of my favourites.

Lean Startup

Commonwealth Club – The Principles of a Lean Startup

London School of Economics – The Lean Startup

Mark Graban

Podcast #115 – Eric Ries (@ericries), The #LeanStartup

Podcast #142 – @EricRies on Taiichi Ohno’s Influence on #LeanStartup

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders – Evangelizing for the Lean Startup

Shell LiveWIRE –

Steve BlankCustomer Development

Dorm Room Tycoon – Applying the Customer Development Model

Fall 2009 Quarter Roundup: What Did We Learn?

How to Build a Great Company, Step by Step

Business Model Generation

Tools for Business Model Generation

Running Lean

Ash brings everything together in his book Running Lean (website).

Ash Maurya Lean Startup 1

Ash Maurya Lean Startup 2


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Eric Ries – Startup lessons learned

Running Lean


Steve Blank



Lean Canvas & Strategyzer


European Pirate Summit – Sept 12

The Lean Startup Conference

Lean Startup Machine

Leancamp – twitter + site

North East England

Did I mention what’s happening in the North East? ;-)

Another plug for Lean North East – @leannortheast + blog + Google group. Click here to add your name to the list of folk voting to bring Lean Startup Machine to our happy Region!


Check out my Amazon store with Lean Startup (and related) books

Wash up

I hope you find this list useful! Please add to this list in the comments. I’m going to post about metrics, and also about analytics tools soon.


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