August 2012

The Lean Startup – something for many to benefit from

August 31, 2012

Introduction One of my key learnings from working with Bobby and the team at Happiest has been around the emerging framework of Lean Startup. Bobby has attended a number of events in this area, and I am immersing myself to really take to heart the embodied knowledge, and replace the seat-of-your-pants approach that seems typical […]

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My lessons from working with Happiest Limited

August 30, 2012

Introduction I wanted to take the opportunity to distil some of my learnings from working with Happiest for over a year. Most of my previous work has been with larger organisations, and the experience of working with a start-up, and now growing business has been rich with lessons. I’m conscious that my awareness will mature […]

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Supermondays – Data Visualisation write up

August 28, 2012

Introduction I’m catching up with my blogging, and heading off for Supermondays this evening, so keen to get this one up! By way of context is my post “Supermondays data visualisation evening” – I curated the evening and want to extend my thanks to everyone involved – particularly Brigitta Zics and Culture Lab at Newcastle […]

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