Supermondays data visualisation evening – May 28th

by Justin Souter on May 8, 2012


Taken shelter from the ‘data explosion’? Looking for the patterns which become information and better decision-making?

Join us at Supermondays on Monday May 28th and hear from a varied line-up about data visualisation – how software tools can help us seeing further, and differently.


Inspired by Jer Thorp’s talks at Thinking Digital and the recent CultureCode event (see below) to do something about my interest in this area, I have brought together a thought-provoking and wide-ranging line-up to appeal to both the techologists and the designers out there.

Turning data into information through discerning patterns – and allying the information with human experience to create knowledge – is increasingly what us knowledge workers do. The emerging areas of ‘big data’ and ‘data science’ bring growing pressure to be able to find the needle in the proverbial haystack.


I have set out to:

  • Help attendees become more aware of the power of presenting complex data as effectively as possible to facilitate timely and effective decision making.
  • Grow the ability of developers, architects, and business consultants to deliver consultancy to clients in this area, and help make their customers more effective as a result.
  • Raise this profile of this topic area more widely in the Region.
  • Grow my own skills in this area!

Learning themes

Above all, the goal is to be educational & informing. Key elements for attendees to learn:

  • If I wanted to do that, where would I start
  • What are the tools that I could use?
  • This is what the people, who have done this before, have found

Thanks to Culture Lab

A big shout to Culture Lab at Newcastle Uni, for providing speakers and the location. More about them, here:

Culture Lab is the focal point for creative practice at Newcastle University, supporting the work of researchers and students involved in high level, experimental and multi-disciplinary creative arts and interactive technology projects in a world class, cutting edge environment. Our facilities include professional audio and video production studios, high definition cinema projection, motion capture systems, and digital prototyping machinery. We encourage forms of self-sufficiency amongst researchers and students alike through direct engagement with acts of making and creating.

Proposed running order & timings

  1. Justin to give a quick introduction – 5 minutes
  2. Slot 1 – 40 mins
    1. Joeli from Codeworks to recount how the CultureCode events went, what the thinking was behind it, and what future plans may be – 5 mins probably
    2. Brigitta to address ‘Experimental Approaches to Data Visualisation’, and thus broaden the scope by talking through her data visualisation work – 12 mins
    3. Adrian Park to outline his work with Processing and recent CultureCode attendance etc. – 12 mins
  3. Q&A session involving these three presenters – 5-10 mins
  4. Comfort break – 5 mins
  5. Slot 2 – 25 mins
    1. Local industry player to talk about business intelligence tools – 20 mins (tops) + 5 mins Q&A
    2. Potential slot for sponsor to speak, at this point
    3. I still need to finalise this, so any volunteers – please get in touch – @souterconsults :-)
  6. Slot 3
    1. Stuart Smith from Wood Holmes – 20-25 mins + 5 mins Q&A
      1. Stuart to talk about more technical side of data analysis
      2. This is what we used; not how we used it; challenges we faced in doing it
  7. Wash-up and Q&A – 10 minutes


Culture Lab, just along from University Coffee shop in Newcastle’s Haymarket – map here.


We look forward to you joining us at what we expect to be an enjoyable and popular evening!

I will publish more details here once the Eventbrite site is up – so you can book yourself in.

I’m talking with a potential sponsor at the moment, however if anyone else would like to take part, please get in touch via @souterconsults. Thanks!

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