Global Service Jam 2012: Newcastle {part 2}

by Justin Souter on March 23, 2012


Second post, containing multimedia to give you a sense of the Newcastle part of the Global Service Jam event.





Justin getting a signal


Our output

Sid’s day – script to go with video

I’ve dug out this document, to give you an idea of how we thought our persona, ‘Sid’ would interact with the service we were seeking to provide.

Sid’s day – script #GSJ12

Our summary video

Anna’s presentation

I’m hoping that someone has shared footage, as what I captured is unusable due to a problem with my video camera :-(


I’m coming to the view that the future is going to be increasingly unstructured, and so being part of an event which starts in a completely unstructured way, and moves towards structure is a good way to practice – even if it felt disorientating at times!

It was also a chance to do something different, and learn something new – i.e. service design. Most of the work I have done over the last dozen years of more is around delivering services, so service design is both daunting (given the potential scope of many services), and exciting in its possibilities!

I am also exploring Cynefin framework for making sense of the “un-ordered domain”. I’ve been listening to Dave Snowden’s podcasts, and I’m exploring this domain further.

Useful learnings

I’m planning to buy the following books:

Big Thanks

Hopefully the following sums things up!

Massive gratitude Andy, Louise, and Niels – congrats for everything that paid off from all your hard work!

Wash up

I think Service Design is directly relevant to my experience and interests, and Gamestorming promises to be a fascinating source for learning new ways of running business workshops.

So, I’m happy to have gained practical experience and ‘internalised’ a new domain of knowledge. Roll on more learning!


27/3/12 – I’ve added the Sid’s day script.

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