Some reflections on Big Data – IBM Analytics reports

December 5, 2012

Introduction As part of my on-going interest in data, and the power of insight to generate business benefits, my third reflection. Other posts are “Some reflections on Big Data – Strata Europe”, and “Some reflections on Big Data – London meetups”. Three documents This post looks at three recent IBM docs: CMOs and CIOs: Acquaintances […]

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Some reflections on Big Data – London meetups

November 19, 2012

Introduction The second of my reflections on big data – this time, recounting my experiences attending some great meetups, especially Londata (and featuring Stewart Townsend). Meetup – Londata VI: Using Data to Delight and Excite I mentioned this event in passing, however I really enjoyed Pete Laflin’s presentation, who has blogged about the event, and […]

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Some reflections on Big Data – Strata Europe

November 16, 2012

Introduction I’ve recently been to several meetings in London, and had the opportunity to learn more about data, analytics, and developments in this area – especially around ‘big data’. It follows on from my interests in Cloud computing, business & web analytics, data and data visualisation, innovation: I think you get the idea. Hopefully these […]

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My description of Lean Startup plus related links #leanstartup

October 26, 2012

Preamble Emma Robinson and I recently had a meeting relating to Lean North East, at which I was asked to put together a summary of Lean Startup. The following text, documents and links are what I compiled, including the following quote. How you enjoy the content, and please feel free to comment at the bottom! […]

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@leancamp’s @robfitz at @leannortheast – a triumph!

October 24, 2012

[Cross-posted from Lean North East] Introduction I’m so glad and grateful to be able to blog about the initial meeting of Lean North East – and also be able to say that Leancamp’s Rob Fitzpatrick presented to the group at the old Post Office in Newcastle’s Pink Lane. This post gives some description of the […]

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Building an analytics culture

October 1, 2012

Introduction I had a fascinating conversation with a web agency recently about analytics and the readiness of customers to make the most of the insights a well-founded analytics setup can produce. The upshot was this post, with some reflections on how to embed a culture in your organisation – both regarding analytics in general, and […]

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Making metrics actionable

September 19, 2012

Introduction One of my key things that Bobby taught me at Happiest was to look for actionable metrics and ignore vanity metrics. This can be hard when you’ve got so many fancy graphs and indicators. I guess it’s hard probably because installing the Google Analytics tracking code seems like a magic bullet, and you don’t […]

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The Lean Startup – resources what I have found

September 4, 2012

Intro I’ve compiled much of the material I’ve read, watched, and listened to – along with some other good stuff I plan to get round to! This post relates back to my recent post “The Lean Startup – something for many to benefit from”. The contents of this post include: Who’s who Videos Podcasts Newsletters […]

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The Lean Startup – something for many to benefit from

August 31, 2012

Introduction One of my key learnings from working with Bobby and the team at Happiest has been around the emerging framework of Lean Startup. Bobby has attended a number of events in this area, and I am immersing myself to really take to heart the embodied knowledge, and replace the seat-of-your-pants approach that seems typical […]

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My lessons from working with Happiest Limited

August 30, 2012

Introduction I wanted to take the opportunity to distil some of my learnings from working with Happiest for over a year. Most of my previous work has been with larger organisations, and the experience of working with a start-up, and now growing business has been rich with lessons. I’m conscious that my awareness will mature […]

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