Pinevio at DEMO, Fall 2011

by Justin Souter on September 21, 2011


For regular readers of the blog, you will recall a previous post, Introducing Pinevio. I was therefore massively stoked to be contacted yesterday by Daumantas, to say that he and Mindaugas had presented the Pinevio concept at DEMO in Silicon Valley:

The DEMO Experience

Conference Format
The feel you get when you enter the ballroom at DEMO is unlike any other conference. Each company is given just six minutes on the DEMO stage to truly demonstrate how their product will change the world. No PowerPoint or flashy corporate presentations allowed. Just the founders and the technologies many are staking their careers on… it doesn’t get any more straightforward and fast paced than that.

This video gives an intro to the DEMO experience:

This post therefore is a chance to give them a bit more air play, and big them up! [Great to see the guys from Screenreach in this trailer] :-D


Great to see the guys doing their thing, with Mindaugas on vocals, and Daumantas on keyboards MacBook. Apparently the demo went down really well. You can see for yourself below:

Profile blurb from DEMO

This information is culled from Pinevio’s profile page on DEMO, to give you a better idea about what the company is all about:

Profile information

Conference – DEMO Fall 2011

Market Segment – Social & Media

Funding Amount – $0-$100,000

Funding Round – Angel

Funding Details – 14,600 pounds – The Difference Engine business acceleration program, UK. 10,000 euros – co-founders investment.

Competitors – No direct competitors. Indirect: Digg, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Quora, Gravity.

Product Description

Pinevio is a social content discovery platform enabling users to discover relevant content from people with shared interests. In an age of information overload Pinevio adds structure to our users’ social streams categorizing them by interests and building individuals link libraries, which are then discoverable by people with similar interests. Pinevio is a synergy of automated social-bookmarking, content curation and discovery.

Market Opportunity

Pinevio will map and monitor social consumers’ interests and how they change over time.According to Pivot Conference 2010, 82% would adopt new marketing platforms in order to reach the social consumer. Total annual Social Media Marketing budget of surveyed organisations is $2.8B and is projected to triple.

Wash up

This is probably the first time I’ve seen the platform working in anger, and looks like a fascinating way to connect with people of similar interests. Onwards!

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