Podcasting practicalities

by Justin Souter on September 12, 2011


This post follows on from last Autumn’s Podcasts = genius and the immediately previous Podcasting discoveries. It does what it says on the tin in the title!

The first section sets out how I’ve been listening to digital content; the second describes how I have been involving in creating some podcasts myself.

Listening tools

Bulleted sections describing digital media players I’ve been using:

  • Having used a Sony MP3 player to listen to digital music and talking books, I was looking for the ability to play MP3 / digital audio files in the car
  • My earlier post describes fitting the new Aldi car radio – only glitches are getting the audio to play properly in the right-hand speakers…! ;-)
  • However, the method of downloading files from RSS feeds or individual web pages (to memory sticks) is unwieldy and inefficient
  • Being someone who has typically used PCs, my search for a software tool to aggregate podcasts led me to try Juice, which didn’t really cut it
  • I’ve been fortunate in my role at happiest[more anon], to have the use of an iPhone
    • This led me to install iTunes, which has been a revelation for podcast subscribing, downloading and synch’ing with the iPhone
    • Now that I’ve got a cable to connect the iPhone to the radio, I can now play podcasts from my iPhone
    • I’m now investigating software for the iPhone which will
      • Have bigger buttons
      • Suspend the phone lock up after a couple of minutes
      • Or else work using the buttons on the Aldi radio

I’ve really benefitted from using the time in the car to listen to some amazing stuff!


This section sets out how I came to be involved in creating some podcasts myself. Hopefully the embedded audio players work, but I’ve embedded direct links, which I hope should make a pop-up player appear when you mouse over the link.

Audioboo / happiest feedback

In my role as Community Manager at happiest, I was enjoying the Codeworks Connect Summer Net-together and spotted Laurie Cansfield in the crowd. I wanted to ask him what he thought about the happiest iPhone app, as he’d been working at happiest earlier in the year.

He was kind enough to spare his time, and this is the result – recorded from the AudioBoo app on my iPhone [mouse over the link].

It’s a great performance from Laurie, and a learning point for me as interviewer to ask the questions – and then let the interviewee respond! ;-)

Soundcloud / Service-ability

My friend Kevin Robson is finalising a book he’s written about Customer Service. He’s got a website, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account – but arguably they all need revving up!

He’s looking to build out his presence online to create buzz, and is an experienced musician, and keen creator of content using his iMac. He’s recently bought a Zoom H4n (photos look about right).

So, when we got to talking about creating more content, we discussed creating a podcast using his new gizmo. One of the tips that Donna Papacosta suggests is to not do the podcast in the process of doing the prep work, so once I’d realised this, we got the gear set up and got cracking!

Service-Ability Interview by Kevin Robson

If the embed code doesn’t work for your, try mousing over this

Kevin has done the editing and post-production, and my questioning was based on Kipling’s Six Serving Men (cited towards the bottom of this Wikipedia entry):

I keep six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.

Hopefully I’ve learned from Donna Papacosta, and you find it reasonably intelligible / illuminating! :-D

Wash-up / Hire us!

I enjoy creating content, and I believe Kevin had a big role in creating this podcast – by wisely judging what to say, and no more! I’m sure we’d both welcome the opportunity to work on more content, so please get in touch either via the website form, or Twitter.

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