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by Justin Souter on September 9, 2011


For those of you dedicated followers of this blog, you might recall my post Podcasts = genius. Over the summer I’ve been fine-tuning my podcast listening, and wanted to share what I’ve found.

I’m come to think that that podcasts are a significant and pretty vibrant source of knowledge, insight and news. The best thing is listening to them brings to life the people involved – e.g. you may have their written material, but having listened to them speaking, they become a more of person: you can almost hear them reading out their words.


In my previous post, I mentioned listening to:

It was after listening to the “FIR Book Review: The New Small by Phil Simon” by Donna Papacosta, I decided to find out more about Donna. I’m glad I did!


Donna’s profile on For Immediate Release states:

Donna PapacostaDonna Papacosta, owner of Trafalgar Communications, based in the Toronto area, works with clients all over the world, helping them to communicate with employees, customers and prospects. A former systems analyst and magazine journalist, Donna has combined her love of communications and technology into a thriving independent practice since 1985. Her roster of clients includes major manufacturers, leading organizations in healthcare and information technology, nonprofits, universities, government agencies, small- to mid-sized businesses and more.

I guess the reason I’m including this blurb is I’m really grateful to Donna for sharing her expertise (and those of others) about how to podcast:

Listen to our podcasts about podcasting

Many of the Trafcom News Podcasts are about podcasting. Feel free to download and listen right here. [my link]

I’ve listened to most of the podcast on the page linked to above, and have written a follow-up post to describe my recent results in creating audio materials. I’ll update this post when the second one goes live.

Interesting series

Here’s some more podcasts I’ve signed up to.


These are focused around digital marketing.



I hope you have found this list of discoveries illuminating, and I’d be interested to hear your feedback and suggestions!

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