Introducing Pinevio

by Justin Souter on May 19, 2011


This post is about a new internet start-up business, and my role in coaching and mentoring the team since July 2010.

Originally called themselves TerraPi, the three original entrepreneurs have been joined by a fourth. This is their story. [cue drum roll and dramatic title sequence…!]


Daumantas, Justinas, & Mindaugas are three Lithuanian guys who met whilst studying at Lancaster University. Having been involved with the Enterprise Club there, they decided to stay in the UK to pursue their interests in first, a business concept relating to recycling, and later, another relating to geolocation.

At the time of writing, Daumantas & Mindaugas have graduated, whilst Justinas is sitting his final degree exams. The reference to the Hair Bear Bunch is due to Mindaugas’ proclivity to grow lots of hair & beard…! ;-D

How I’ve been involved

I happened to be at a First Wednesday networking event at BoHo One at Digital City Business. In one of my more expansive moments, I introduced myself to three guys and got talking.

As a result, we’ve been meeting regularly, with them asking questions, and me helping from a coaching and mentoring perspective:

  • Several business plans and concept documents
  • Thinking about how to get ‘the right people on the bus’
  • Feedback on various business ideas
  • Introducing them to a potential funder, helping them prep for the presentation and being on hand in the meeting
  • Advice based on my knowledge of the local tech & start-up scene
  • Social media tutoring for Justinas

There’s been a lot of discussion, to’ing and fro’ing and much politeness on their part, culminating in some well-received Lithuanian gifts.

Mike Parker

Lately, the guys have been joined by Mikey Parker, Digital Director at Orange Bus Ltd, as CTO.

Where they’re up to now

The guys are developing Pinevio which, at the time of writing, is in beta – so feel free to go there to sign up. The concepts is summarised as:

“Pinevio is a social content discovery platform, allowing our users to discover great content from people with shared interest.

The core idea behind Pinevio is to build the Interest graph, connections with people based around shared interests.”

Further blog posts explaining their take include:

Where next

Latest developments include:

  • Seeking funding for the next round of growth
  • Recruiting an non-executive director
  • Securing an entry point to the critical US market

Bonus – A taste of Lithuania

I am a big fan of this promo and the tracks played on it – courtesy of Mindaugas’ Facebook profile

Dave Seaman – Global Underground Album 039, Lithuania


It’s been a really enjoyable experience for me, and a useful one for the guys [I hope!]. They keep on coming back for advice, so presumably they’ve found it helpful! :-D

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