Competing on Analytics – what it means

December 8, 2011

Introduction This is the second post that looks at how managers can harness analytics for business advantage, and maximise their chances of making such a programme a success. It’s something I will be learning about in more detail soon – I’ve got Analytics at Work: Smarter Decisions, Better Results and ‘Moneyball’ being delivered from Amazon. […]

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Competing on Analytics – getting started

December 7, 2011

Introduction Following on from my recent posts about a) the IBM CMO study, and b) the McKinsey Quarterly articles on big data, I was reminded of a podcast (reproduced below) I’d listened to several months ago, which featured Tom Davenport – pictured right. That listening sparked me to look into more of Tom’s recent work.The […]

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Old School vs New School #2 – Ways To Engage And Expand Your Network

November 25, 2011

Intro The article below is the second article that I wrote for Old School Vs New School. A fuller introduction is provided in the first of this series of two posts. Ways To Engage And Expand Your Network My text: If you’ve been to any networking events recently, and met new business connections, you may […]

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Old School vs New School #1 – Ways To Build A Network

November 24, 2011

Introduction & context I know Fiona Birkbeck, Creative Director of Multiminded through networking events on Tyneside, and so was intrigued when she invited me to write an article which looks at tools for business networking. The following quote is from Fiona’s e-mail to me on the subject: I think when I last saw you I […]

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Impact of big data and social media #2 – McKinsey Quarterly

November 18, 2011

Introduction Second in a series of two posts about big data and social media. First post is here. This particular post draws upon three articles published in the McKinsey Quarterly. Getting to grips with ‘big data’ Here, I’m concentrating on ‘big data’ which, I think, is rather eloquently captured in this vignette by Brad Brown, […]

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Impact of big data and social media #1 – IBM CMO study

November 17, 2011

Introduction I had seen an advert for this study highlighted in the media, and investigated. You could argue that the IBM reports play to the strengths of IBM as a company – and you’d be right. That said, it is a fascinating insight into the mindsets and priorities of Chief Marketing Officers, and so I’m […]

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Movember: please help raise money to combat men’s cancers

November 4, 2011

Intro [this is crossed-posted from my personal blog] Pretty much a ‘Ronseal‘ post – does what it says in the title! This post gives you some of the background to Movember, explains how things work (and my twist on the theme), and then encourages you to donate your hard-earned cash to a very worthy cause. […]

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Pinevio at DEMO, Fall 2011

September 21, 2011

Intro For regular readers of the blog, you will recall a previous post, Introducing Pinevio. I was therefore massively stoked to be contacted yesterday by Daumantas, to say that he and Mindaugas had presented the Pinevio concept at DEMO in Silicon Valley: The DEMO Experience Conference Format The feel you get when you enter the […]

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Podcasting practicalities

September 12, 2011

Intro This post follows on from last Autumn’s Podcasts = genius and the immediately previous Podcasting discoveries. It does what it says on the tin in the title! The first section sets out how I’ve been listening to digital content; the second describes how I have been involving in creating some podcasts myself. Listening tools […]

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Podcasting discoveries

September 9, 2011

Introduction For those of you dedicated followers of this blog, you might recall my post Podcasts = genius. Over the summer I’ve been fine-tuning my podcast listening, and wanted to share what I’ve found. I’m come to think that that podcasts are a significant and pretty vibrant source of knowledge, insight and news. The best […]

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