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by Justin Souter on November 12, 2010


I’ve recently installed this Car CD/MP3 Radio with Bluetooth from Aldi (along with having the winter tyres put back on).

It’s got a USB port, and I’ve enlisted the NorthernNet memory stick to play (mainly) business podcasts in the car. It’s a work of genius!

Journeys into Tyneside take around 40 minutes, and there’s time to listen to some really good stuff that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to read. The advantage of using the time in the car is that, other than using potentially ‘dead’ time, the contents seem to sink in quite effectively.

I thought I’d sure some of the podcasts I’ve been listening to. I’ve been wrangling with the best technology to present the podcasts:

  • What you should get is the link to the podcast (whence you can download it), with a ‘loudspeaker’ icon on the left-hand side.
  • If you mouse over the icon, then hopefully you should get a widget appearing from Apture.
  • The podcast will then start playing, and you can pause / play it and change the volume
  • Otherwise, click on the link the page will go to the podcast, and fingers crossed will start playing… *strewth!*</LI

btw I don’t use iTunes, and didn’t really get to grips with Juice, so I tend to download the podcasts individually (which can be a chore).

HBR Ideacast

“The HBR IdeaCast is our weekly audio podcast, bringing you the analysis and advice of the leading minds in management”.

These are generally interviews with the authors of books and articles – usually having been published in Harvard Business Review, or by the Harvard Business School Press.

I’ve found listening to many of these useful, as they have brushed up my understanding of developing theory, and also practical skills. These are some relevant ones I’ve found enlightening.

Coping with Social Media

Alexandra Samuel, director of the Social + Interactive Media Centre at Emily Carr University.

The New Era of Empowered Employees

Josh Bernoff, senior vice president of idea development at Forrester Research and coauthor of "Empowered."

Why Zappos Pays New Employees to Quit

Bill Taylor, cofounder of Fast Company magazine.

Selling at a Higher Level

Richard Lane runs Engleby Associates, a sales training organisation. I’ve recently been on one of his courses (supported by Tracy Suddick), and have benefitted from listening to his podcasts, which have helped reinforce the messages from the course.

Successful Negotiation Strategies with Brian Dietmeyer, CEO & President of Think! Inc

Blurb about Engleby Associates

The role of Engleby Associates is to help organisations increase their sales revenues and profit margins through skills development and the refinement of sales processes.

For Immediate Release

About FIR: “For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report is the twice-weekly podcast of Neville Hobson, ABC, and Shel Holtz, ABC, a pair of communication professionals who think they have something to say.

Hobson is based in Wokingham, Berkshire, England, while Holtz is located in Concord, California, in the United States.

Their podcast is updated on Mondays and Thursdays.”

I’ve been listening to interviews mainly, but have been thinking that listening to the FIR weekly ones may well help keep abreast of tech industry developments.

FIR Interview: Jeffrey Eggen on the Ford Focus Rally America
FIR Live #19: Empowered Co-Authors Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler

      David Maister

      I own a copy of Managing the Professional Service Firm (and also The Trusted Advisor is lurking somewhere), but I’ve never found the time to read them. They’ve also looked rather like hard work.

      However, I’ve downloaded David’s job lot of podcasts, which appear to be David reading out articles / chapters he’s written, and (from what I can gather) the books are actually the articles printed in one place. He’s got a unique delivery style, but that doesn’t get in the way of the content. ;-)

      Understanding Relationships and Transactions

      I’ve started listening to his series, and this one had some useful insights: perhaps not rocket science, but presented in a coherent way which was definitely food for thought!

      The rewards of building trusting relationships with clients as opposed to taking a transactional view of marketing.


      I’ve downloaded several from McKinsey [registration may be required], but they have an off-putting jingle at the start (so I haven’t made it any further). Otherwise, Which? have weekly ones on money, tech, & cards. Haven’t really had a chance to listen to them, but something for the future.

      I’ve you’ve got any suggestions, e.g. re Cloud, Innovation, info sharing, getting the most out of IT, etc. – please leave a comment. Thanks!

      Wash up

      Hopefully you’ve found this little list useful, and it has potentially sparked interest in podcasts. Many of you will have mobile devices like smartphones which, with a pair of headphones, could well make your commute more exciting [I think Alexander Horré does so on the Metro ;-)]

      Update 15 November 2010

      From @ian_orourke:

      @souterconsults Regarding podcasts. The Cambridge Judge Business Schools had some good ones. Their liking of the word seminal aside :)

      3:19 PM Nov 13th via TweetDeck

      I haven’t checked out them out in any detail yet, but this is the link concerned.

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