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by Justin Souter on August 26, 2010


As trailed in a previous post, SCL’s new branding, I’m planning to fire out a (mostly) regular e-mail newsletter.

My platform of choice is Mailchimp. I guess I found it through using SurveyMonkey, as the two companies (although not formally linked, I believe) had a cross-promotion going, and frankly I haven’t felt the need to look at other options. My gut feel was that Mailchimp really get it, but I realise there are other choices, so let me know if I’m missing something!

Obviously, I’d love you to sign up if you’re interested. The following is basically my work in progress and expect to be cranking things up in early / mid-September.

Where I’m at

  • There is now a sign-up page
  • Learning how to set up a e-mail newsletter template using the Mailchimp system
  • Need to build the recipient mailing list
  • Need to put a mini-process together to collect content to add value to readers
  • Need to add a widget to the SCL site and publicise the newsletter

Re the mailing list, I’m planning to send out an invitation to sign up, rather than put anyone I’ve met on the database. Mailchimp’s advice is to go this way, rather than risk getting blacklisted for spamming…


Mailchimp have some terrific support & help resources, including videos and the written guides I’m wading through. I’m pretty stoked about it all, and have written notes about it all in the following section, as prompted by the Mailchimp docs.


This is what I plan to cover – so any feedback would be gratefully received. Sub-sections I came up with are:

  • Potential content
  • Target readership
  • Goal
  • Sections
  • Frequency

Potential content

  1. Events
    1. Plancast link
    2. Events, interesting ideas
    3. Workshops / programmes
  2. What I’m reading
    1. Articles
      1. Delicious
      2. Useful & thought-provoking links
    2. Books
      1. Goodreads
      2. Amazon store
  3. People I’ve met
  4. Blog posts – both mine & other people’s
  5. Customer success stories
  6. Overhead
  7. North East developments
  8. Any questions?
  9. Using tech for business benefit

Target readership

  1. Customers
  2. Potential customers
  3. Partners
  4. Competitors!
  5. Supporters


  1. Keep SCL in mind
  2. Influence perceptions
  3. Float ‘long-term’ ideas
  4. Create connections
  5. Introduce partners


  1. Introduction / ToC
  2. Links, events, people
  3. Customer work
  4. What I’m reading
  5. Twitter, Blog posts


  1. At least once a quarter

Wash up

So, that’s it folks! If you’ve managed to read this far, please accept my sincere thanks – and let me know your feedback in the comments :-)

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