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by Justin Souter on August 6, 2010


Reading helps me keep up with the latest developments, learn about best practice, and stimulate new thinking.

I’ve found myself recommending books to folk I meet, usually via an e-mail. To try and short-circuit this somewhat clunky approach (and make a trickle-feed of associate wonga), I’ve created this Amazon Associates store.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I should say that the store was inspired by that of Wood Holmes :-)

I’ve also put a cloud of my delicious tags underneath so you can track what I bookmark online – please click here to zip to the bottom of this post.

Amazon Book Store

btw, apologies for the rather pants operation of the widget, this was pretty much the best I could do with the code on offer from Amazon. For a better look & feel, try the dedicated page on the SCL site.

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