August 2010

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August 26, 2010

Introducción As trailed in a previous post, SCL’s new branding, I’m planning to fire out a (mostly) regular e-mail newsletter. My platform of choice is Mailchimp. I guess I found it through using SurveyMonkey, as the two companies (although not formally linked, I believe) had a cross-promotion going, and frankly I haven’t felt the need […]

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Microsoft’s Online Services presentation to @NEBytes

August 25, 2010

Introduction As per my recent post about Onyx & Cloud computing, I’m interested in business opportunities in the Cloud space, rather than the more technical stuff. I guess I’m interested from the business-technical angle. I’ve recently been investigating what Microsoft is up to, and below is my presentation to the NE Bytes massive on the […]

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Discover what I read / have read

August 6, 2010

Intro Reading helps me keep up with the latest developments, learn about best practice, and stimulate new thinking. I’ve found myself recommending books to folk I meet, usually via an e-mail. To try and short-circuit this somewhat clunky approach (and make a trickle-feed of associate wonga), I’ve created this Amazon Associates store. If imitation is […]

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