Presentation from Cloudcamp Gateshead with slides & video of my talk

by Justin Souter on June 2, 2010


A post covering my recent attendance at CloudCamp Gateshead on May 5, 2010.

The organiser, Ross Cooney, asked me to give an introduction to Cloud Computing, and was kind enough to edit the footage taken by Northern Net.

As of the time of writing this post (2nd June 2010), the slides have had 8847 views, so I thought it might be helpful for folk to see the me present the material. :-)

To that end, the post consists of:

  • The slides
  • The video
  • Some background info about Cloudcamp



Only thing I would say is that Ross gave me 5 minutes, and I took 10 – sorry Ross! ;-)

More info on Cloudcamp

I’ve copied the blurb below from the Cloudcamp website, to give you some background:


CloudCamp was formed to provide a common ground for the introduction and advancement of cloud computing

Through a series of local CloudCamp events, attendees exchange ideas, knowledge and information in a creative and supporting environment, advancing the current state of cloud computing and related technologies. As an informal, member-supported gathering, we rely entirely on volunteers to help with meeting content, speakers, meeting locations, equipment and membership recruitment. We also have corporate sponsors that provide financial assistance with venues, software, books, discounts, and other valuable donations. To become a member, simply register. Anyone may attend a meeting, there are no fees or dues.

Why Cloud Computing ?

  • The ability to scale your business and infrastructure — on demand with out capital outlay.
  • The ability to flow over (even if it’s just the coffee ordering system) — on demand without commitment.

Who should attend:

Anyone wishing to further Cloud Computing or just learn what all the fuss is about!

  • Developers, Architects, Analysts, IT Management and Executives, from App Dev through to Production.
  • Entrepreneurs, founders and leaders of start-up/early-stage companies, venture capitalists and industry analysts.

Reasons to attend:

  • Understand how to integrate Cloud Computing Services into your business
  • Find ways to cut fixed infrastructure costs while increasing reliability and scalability
  • Learn from from others about their use of Cloud Computing Services

Wash up

Hope you find this useful and please get in touch if you’d like to talk further.

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