Meet my mentees – Asad and Emilie

by Justin Souter on May 19, 2010


I’ve been doing some informal mentoring with a couple of students at Newcastle University, so here’s a bit more information about them.

The post is in the form of bullet points, as I’m rather rushed at the mo’.

Asad Imam

  • P9230011Asad is originally from India – more in fo about him on his LinkedIn profile. He’s @imamasad on Twitter.
  • He’s recently completed MSc at Newcastle University – MSc E-Business and Information Systems, and now working locally for an international financial group
  • I met him at a couple of Cloudcamp events – one in Newcastle, and the the second time in Edinburgh
  • Has been developing a Facebook application with a couple of friends / fellow students
  • I’ve been helping him with his original app concept and thinking whether it’s a goer, and what social media approach they might take
  • Also now encouraging him to follow his interest in the FB application development route

Emilie Hampton

Special thanks go to Serge Gladkoff, President of Logrus International Cooperation and administrator of Localization Professionals group on Linkedin, for his advice in the final stages of my dissertation. Thanks to Serge, my research has been used as one of the reference research materials for Localization World Berlin 2010 panel on using Social Media for language industry.


With an extensive literature review and a survey of 360 companies, my research found that despite being a recent phenomenon, those who have adopted a social media strategy have recognised tangible benefits, providing a compelling reason for others to also adopt social media for marketing and business development purposes.

Social media has without a doubt put the ‘social’ back into business. By being a vocal activist and joining conversations, companies are increasing their brand exposure, positive reputation and building relationships with a large, relevant consumer base.

See for yourself below :-)

  • Latest news in her post, “The Big Wide World” is that Emilie has a number of offers to work in the social media space, and is exploring an opportunity of a summer placement.

Emilie’s dissertation

Living Through a Revolution: The Impact and Value of Social Media for Marketing and Business Development

Wash up

I’ve enjoyed working with Asad and Emilie, and they have been patient enough to put up with my ramblings, but hopefully I’ve given them some constructive advice :-)

And there we have it!

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