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by Justin Souter on May 11, 2010


Part 3 in a series of posts about Enterprise 2.0. This one aims to provide materials for you to delve deeper. Of course, there’s stacks of stuff out there – but this is presented to help you get started. :-)


Photo credit to Frank Hamm

Cisco book

I came across this book during a Google search – and thought it worthwhile re-publishing here if you’d like to immediately get a handle on the topic in more detail. :-)

Social Business Design

I believe this white paper is worth a read. If you’re not used to tech industry mumbo-jumbo, you might not manage to get all the way through, but the starting point for the authors is the business opportunity presented by enterprise 2.0. Please leave some feedback re what you think!

Social Business Design

To be continued…

The expected last in this series will be my distillation of what this all means.

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