Enterprise 2.0 – intro & questions

by Justin Souter on May 7, 2010


This post has been in draft for a few weeks, so I’m making concerted effort to get it live! I’m planning to run further parts so it’s easier to digest…

I believe that organisations are going to change as the impact of Web 2.0 hits them. This post, therefore, is a kick-off to get us going (and get me out of blogger’s block!).


Chris and Enterprise 2.0Having coined the term, Andrew McAfee has recently updated his definition thus:

Enterprise 2.0 is the use of emergent social software platforms within companies, or between companies and their partners or customers.

Social software enables people to rendezvous, connect or collaborate throughcomputer-mediated communication and to form online communities. (Wikipedia’s definition).

Platforms are digital environments in which contributions and interactions are globally visible and persistent over time.

Emergent means that the software is freeform, and that it contains mechanisms to let the patterns and structure inherent in people’s interactions become visible over time.

Freeform means that the software is most or all of the following:

  • Optional
  • Free of up-front workflow
  • Egalitarian, or indifferent to formal organizational identities
  • Accepting of many types of data

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Fyi the Wikipedia entry is mainly focused on Enterprise 2.0 software.

So, what does this mean?

This way to Enterprise 2.0Some thoughts, off the bat, about questions to bear in mind:

  • Challenge of operating in a world where the rules are changing
  • How to manage a loosely-coupled organisation
  • How to manage and motivate an ‘empowered front line’
  • What business opportunities are there?
  • What gaps are opening up?
  • How can business leaders plan for the change?

Join me in the next exciting instalment – I’m planning to schedule the posts over several days. :-)

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