SCL entry into IWCYC Challenge

by Justin Souter on May 6, 2010


The Entrepreneurs Forum is a network local to the North East of England, designed to help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. They run a website called ‘If we can, you can’, and thereby a yearly challenge to find the most dynamic entrepreneurs in the Region.

I’ve noticed that there are regular business competitions locally (e.g. in areas like PR & general business awards), so I thought a submission to the IWCYC Challenge would:

  • help sharpen the SCL offer & make it more accessible to customers and other stakeholders
  • give SCL the chance to win an award, with the prize as an obvious benefit – but also offering free publicity and the attendant boost in business reputation :-)

Rather than keep my light under the proverbial bushel, I’m publishing the SCL submission, which I thought might be useful for people wanting to learn more about Souter Consulting, what it does, where it sees the future headed etc..

Below is the background / entry form, and then the SCL response.

Entry form

I’ve uploaded the entry form to Scribd so you can check it out for yourself.

If we can you can challenge entry form

SCL submission

Rather than post the SCL response verbatim (and hence have a really long post), I’ve created this PDF.

If We Can You Can entry – Souter Consulting Limited

As ever, any feedback very welcome! :-)

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