Aurora Training partners with Souter Consulting to deliver social media strategy workshops

by Justin Souter on May 5, 2010


A post describing the format and successful delivery of social media strategy workshops.

Delivery by:

  1. Nicola Cook of Aurora Training, and
  2. Justin Souter from Souter Consulting Limited


It’s all about getting you, the customer, in the know & with a plan of practical next steps for your social media initiative.


IIA Congress 2009 Social Media Workshop Workshops

A workshop setting with key decision makers and stakeholders in your business. The suggested format is:

  • Introduction to social media for non-techies – delivered by Nicola Cook
  • Brainstorming session about how SM could work for you
  • Practical outputs and next steps

This is usually delivered at your premises, or at a suitable venue close to your offices. It’s not *quite* as quick as this, but you get the idea! ;-)

Photo credit to Krishna De

What this means for you

It may look pretty straightforward, but we believe our facilitation skills and deep know of the business and technological aspects of social media mean this is money well spent.

We can get you cracking in just over half a day – and leave you with the rest of the afternoon to catch up on other work priorities.

We’re happy to package this is a one-off, or with some call-off days to help you capitalise on the initial momentum and hit the ground running [enough clichés already ;-) – Ed.]

Call to action

Ping Nicola via contact form, telephone or e-mail, or Justin using the Contact us page. We look forward to  hearing from you! :-)

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