May 2010

Enterprise 2.0 – so what are your next steps?

May 20, 2010
This entry is part 4 of 3 in the series Enterprise 2.0

Introduction Part 4 in a series about the impact that Web 2.0 could make on the organisation / business. In this post, I’ll attempt to synthesise some ideas about what is going on, and what it all means for you. Ok, so here it goes re my thoughts I think there is an upcoming and […]

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Meet my mentees – Asad and Emilie

May 19, 2010

Introduction I’ve been doing some informal mentoring with a couple of students at Newcastle University, so here’s a bit more information about them. The post is in the form of bullet points, as I’m rather rushed at the mo’. Asad Imam Asad is originally from India – more in fo about him on his LinkedIn […]

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Social Media lecture to Newcastle Uni MSc students

May 19, 2010

Background I had been asked by Katie Wray, Curriculum Development Officer in the Careers Service at Newcastle University to present to the  MSc Renewable Energy, Enterprise & Management course, which I did yesterday. I think only one person feel asleep, which I hope was reasonable indication of success! ;-) There seemed to be a wide […]

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Enteprise 2.0 – books

May 11, 2010
This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Enterprise 2.0

Introduction Part 3 in a series of posts about Enterprise 2.0. This one aims to provide materials for you to delve deeper. Of course, there’s stacks of stuff out there – but this is presented to help you get started. :-) Books Enterprise 2.0: New Collaborative Tools for Your Organization’s Toughest Challenges by Andrew Mcafee […]

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Enterprise 2.0 – analyst comment

May 10, 2010
This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Enterprise 2.0

Introduction Part 2 in a mini-series about how Web 2.0 is going to change how organisations function. This post gives a third-party viewpoint of the potential impact of Web 2.0 on the business. Research reports Rather than blather on myself, I’m reproducing excerpts from this IDC press release, which I think are instructive (and include […]

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Enterprise 2.0 – intro & questions

May 7, 2010
This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Enterprise 2.0

Introduction This post has been in draft for a few weeks, so I’m making concerted effort to get it live! I’m planning to run further parts so it’s easier to digest… I believe that organisations are going to change as the impact of Web 2.0 hits them. This post, therefore, is a kick-off to get […]

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SCL entry into IWCYC Challenge

May 6, 2010
This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Re-boot

Introduction The Entrepreneurs Forum is a network local to the North East of England, designed to help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. They run a website called ‘If we can, you can’, and thereby a yearly challenge to find the most dynamic entrepreneurs in the Region. I’ve noticed that there are regular business competitions locally (e.g. in […]

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Aurora Training partners with Souter Consulting to deliver social media strategy workshops

May 5, 2010

Organisations wishing to kick off their social media efforts – but not knowing where to start – can look to Aurora Training & Souter Consulting to give them a led up!

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My Slideshare favourites

May 4, 2010

A post with embedded widget from the Slideshare website to help others learn about Web & Enterprise 2.0 by viewing my favourited slide decks

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