Podcasts = genius

November 12, 2010

Intro I’ve recently installed this Car CD/MP3 Radio with Bluetooth from Aldi (along with having the winter tyres put back on). It’s got a USB port, and I’ve enlisted the NorthernNet memory stick to play (mainly) business podcasts in the car. It’s a work of genius! Journeys into Tyneside take around 40 minutes, and there’s […]

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Tech Notes article in NE Business / The Journal

September 7, 2010

Introduction In seeking to raise the profile of Souter Consulting, I recently met with Sarah Athey of Codeworks. As a result of her help and prompting, I put together an article for the Tech Notes column in The Journal, a daily paper on Tyneside and Northumberland. I thought I’d republish it here, so that anyone […]

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Please sign up for the SCL newsletter

August 26, 2010

Introducción As trailed in a previous post, SCL’s new branding, I’m planning to fire out a (mostly) regular e-mail newsletter. My platform of choice is Mailchimp. I guess I found it through using SurveyMonkey, as the two companies (although not formally linked, I believe) had a cross-promotion going, and frankly I haven’t felt the need […]

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Microsoft’s Online Services presentation to @NEBytes

August 25, 2010

Introduction As per my recent post about Onyx & Cloud computing, I’m interested in business opportunities in the Cloud space, rather than the more technical stuff. I guess I’m interested from the business-technical angle. I’ve recently been investigating what Microsoft is up to, and below is my presentation to the NE Bytes massive on the […]

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Discover what I read / have read

August 6, 2010

Intro Reading helps me keep up with the latest developments, learn about best practice, and stimulate new thinking. I’ve found myself recommending books to folk I meet, usually via an e-mail. To try and short-circuit this somewhat clunky approach (and make a trickle-feed of associate wonga), I’ve created this Amazon Associates store. If imitation is […]

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SCL supports The Difference Engine

July 9, 2010

Introduction A post about the role Souter Consulting Limited has played to help The Difference Engine recently. Demo Day You might have seen the case study of how Souter Consulting helped launched The Difference Engine at the turn of 2009. In that context, it was fantastic to be part of the team (led by Caroline […]

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I’m presenting at Nicola Cook’s “Business Building Bootcamp”

July 8, 2010

Introduction You may be aware that Nicola and I form a tremendous double-act, and deliver social media strategy workshops. Nicola has asked me to present to her upcoming business building bootcamp (more details below). Draft title is “Learning how to integrate Digital & Social Media into your lead generation strategy”. Flyer information “Do you need […]

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Preso: The importance of cloud computing and related market opportunity

July 5, 2010

Introduction Last week I attended an internal workshop with Onyx Group, to help them discuss the next steps for their cloud offering. My slot was wedged between a fascinating talk about online backup from Alexander and Saaher from Securstore, and Steve Caughey of Arjuna Technologies Ltd (fyi this useful video re Arjuna’s Agility product). My […]

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Technology to support innovation

June 21, 2010

Intro A post about my interest in tools to support idea gathering and the innovation process. Part of a growing series [ok, so I’ll make it part of a series when I do the next post ;-)]. Definition As ever, Wikipedia provides a decent definition: Innovation is a change in the thought process for doing […]

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Quick write up of ‘Data Reveals Stories’

June 17, 2010

Introduction Yesterday I attended ‘Data Reveals Stories’: Hoult Session # 2 with mySociety – with the blurb describing it as: Northern Film & Media host mySociety for our second Hoult Session: a one-day seminar in Newcastle on June 16 about how Britain’s new wealth of open data can be harnessed to reveal hidden stories, tell […]

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