Belated write-up of TaaD event – ‘Social media: beyond the hype’

by Justin Souter on November 20, 2009

A recap of this event, with photos and the presentations (where possible).


“Your Honour, being conscious that it’s a while since the ‘Social media: beyond the hype’ event at the end of October, I’d like to plead in mitigation that I’ve had a couple of bouts of ‘flu since then, and a broadband cut-off [although that’s another *very* long story :-s].” [Enough excuses – Ed.]

Event details

As per my original post, the event was held at the Great North Museum Hancock, and really ran very well, courtesy of fantastic organisation from Ellie Silson and Julie Moore (and others) from Codeworks.

We discovered during the evening that the reason the room was so cold was because of a dead body at the back of the room (until 27th Nov 09), more often known as Lindow Man.

I’m told that the business networking facilitated by the Dollywagon technology was a success, although perhaps the format should have included a bit longer for folks to make each other’s acquaintance.

Only blot on the landscape was my dodgy timekeeping. :$


Paul Santos

Photos that Paul took are on his website here. They’re also available via the Codeworks account on Flickr, viz:

Via Armin



Herb Kim

Stephen Davies

Declan Metcalfe


Presos from Jason Brownlee (Professor Young was also struck down by ‘flu) and Armin Talic to come hopefully. I’ve checked with Paul Smith, who feels his presentation loses rather too much in translation, but essentially tells the story of Twitchhiker.


Ellie tells me that the speakers all got excellent marks, and also that the feedback was very favourable. Well done everybody!

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