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by Justin Souter on October 16, 2009


To recap:

DFK is:

a major international association of independent accounting firms and business advisers that has been meeting the needs of clients with interests in more than one country for 45 years. The association now has over 300 offices across the world.

DFK International creates special value for clients with cross-border interests. DFK member firms enjoy effective cooperation throughout the world resulting in the ability to deliver international services on time and at a competitive cost.

Fascinating to find out that I should be speaking at an event for a far-flung business networking organisation!

The Burns Supper

I thought it might be a good idea to go up the night before – there was a set-piece Burns Supper with haggis. Our table had a great vibe, but not enough grub: maybe we were just being greedy [shurely not! – Ed.]


Anyway, we had fine food, and speeches by:


Followed the traditional form of Burns Suppers

Video of Rab Tait

Rab Tait – champion piper was on hand to pipe the haggis into our dining room. Also to give Burns’ “Address to a Haggis” – priceless, as you can see by the rough video below.

All in all, a very enjoyable evening, with good company on our table of Scott from Glasgow, Shane from Dublin, and Paul & Nick from London I believe.


The Morning

  • Some people were holding their heads in their hands, and I wasn’t sure whether this was because of
    • the content
    • my delivery, or
    • they had had a very enjoyable evening!


This is the deck I delivered:


I made a recording of my presentation, which is of better quality than the screenshot below. You can be your own judge of how informative it was… n.b. it’s probably 55 minutes, so if you’ve watched it all the way through – I’d love your feedback. Thanks!

Once piece of constructive feedback is that there was probably too much content on the slides. Unfortunately I haven’t reached heights of greatness akin to Tara Hunt or Stowe Boyd. :-(

Anyway, feel free to whack whatever comments you might have below.

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