Presentation: Social Media for Accountants

by Justin Souter on September 17, 2009

Mega quick post (that I may well update) to capture any comments you goodly people might have about this preso.

The story is that I have been invited to speak at the DFK UK & Ireland Annual Conference on the 2 October at the Marine Hotel in Troon (

This is my draft presentation to 50 Accountants to give them an intro to the Why’s and Wherefore’s of Social Media.

UPDATE: The presentation is up to slide 44, and the rest are stats or ‘off-cuts’. Many props to Emily Coltman for input re Acountants who ‘do’ social media.

UPDATE 22 Sept 12:55: Dennis Howlett has blogged the following feedback on my slides:

I’ve no idea who sent me this link, probably some well meaning soul on Twitter but the embedded Slideshare presentation is worrying. Stuffed with out of date ’stuff’ like on overfull suitcase, it takes the wrong angle on so-called social media, a term I detest, for accountants. It demonstrates a lack of understanding about what makes this style of audience tick. It’s hard enough to get professional accountants to understand the world of marketing, social media as presented here will blow their heads off.

Instead, can I suggest that those who are curious steer away from the consumer facing spiel and think more about communications, internally at first and how sharing information might better serve the practice. Professionals should be looking for ways to better collaborate both internally and among their communities.We’re starting to see that at ion. And it’s not about using these tools as direct marketing tools or gimmicks but about the indirect effects that arise out of your efforts at supporting those around you through the stories you tell.

But above everything, please don’t see this as any quick fix. Making these things work takes time.

Interesting points & I need to update the deck asap with the gist of this, and also from Phil Richards (see comments).

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