Getting the north east trading online – your input, please

by Justin Souter on September 15, 2009


I’ve been invited to take part in a roundtable event by RMT – my accountants.

This is an excerpt from the invite:

Getting the north east trading online @ RMT Gosforth on the 24th Sept 09

The aim of the day is to discuss how we can help get more north east based business trading online.

Cut through the mystery of trading online and dispel some of the myths, many of us take our knowledge for granted!

I will need to have a think about this and collect my thoughts – but please suggest anything you want me to raise on the day.

‘Trading online’ – to my mind – is about using the Web to market, sell, and serve customers. I suspect the ‘answer’ will be quite complicated and ‘multivariate’!

I believe there is a local newspaper involved, and also some people from various ‘grown-up’ industry bodies – so please chip in!


There are two sessions, either side of lunch:

  • Session one – online business issues
  • Session two – develop a strategy to get the north east online

Further background:

If you could all think about your experiences of businesses that you have dealt with, which trade online and those that don’t, and try to identify any key issues.

Please bring to the table anything you think might be hampering online trade in the region, and things that might help improve it.

If you raise it, I’ll do my best to mention it – and then blog the upshot.

UPDATE 21/9/09: I thought I’d dig out the PDF that Peter Moran mentions and publish it through and hence make it more accessible…

The Value of ICT for SMEs in the UK: A Critical Literature Review

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