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by Justin Souter on September 4, 2009


I’m one of many who sees Cloud Computing as a major industry trend, which could be very disruptive [or then again it could all be hype ;-D].

This is the first of three planned posts to bring together some useful introductory material around Cloud – designed to give a balanced view, and cover the upsides as well as the challenges (e.g. security):

  • This one, Videos (from YouTube)
  • Whitepapers
  • Presentations

Note to self: I also need to dig out my notes from the recent Cloudcamp 2 in Newcastle upon Tyne.


Sometimes I’m not very good at explaining things – so the plan is to let some other people do it instead! Apparently it was Bernard of Chartres who first talked about “Standing on the shoulders of giants” – and I am doing this here :-D.

What we have:

Cloud computing plain and simple

rPath takes the confusion out of cloud computing with this humorous animation in plain English. Visit rPath.

Cloud Computing Explained

Confused about the term “Cloud Computing”? Want to be “with the times” when you talk about new technology buzzwords? This video boils down a section of Cloud Computing, that of Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud Hosting in a way that everyone can understand!

Industry pundits / luminaries seem to have differing views about Cloud:

  • Some have ‘a great face for radio’ or just work better in print
  • Others seem to have mastered the art of presentation being more important than reality ;-D
  • However, there is definitely some good stuff in here, e.g. Kevin Marks of Google is v. interesting

IBMers on How Cloud Computing Will Make IT Easier

IBMers speak about their clients’ issues and how IBM cloud computing solutions have helped make IT easier for their businesses. Cloud computing offers a dynamic infrastructure that makes web services immediately accessible, allowing companies to grow and to do business more quickly and at lower cost.

30%-50% of *all* servers are dedicated to test, yet they only have 10% utilisation – Marie Wieck

In the software development process, 50% of the effort on average is spent in Test; in tests, 40-50% of the effort is spent in setting up and tearing down test systems – Kristof Kloeckner

A spiel from IBM undoubtedly, but also some real-life case studies & benefits. Other IBM cloud vids on YouTube.

Cloud Computing – the benefits, from

“They would say this, wouldn’t they” – see for yourself. [What about the downsides? – Ed.]

Steve Ballmer on Cloud Computing

A thankfully brief and concise take on Cloud from the Boss of Microsoft.


Introduction & scepticism combined! YouTube intro blurb [29 September 2008]:

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — While cloud computing is bringing enormous power to large and small organizations, the hype around the trend is “over blown,” says Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Frank Gillett. I interviewed him on Wednesday afternoon on the MIT campus.

He told me that the whole movement has lead to “cloud envy” with companies branding existing services by “cloud washing” — using “cloud spray,” he says.

Earlier this month he published a report on the subject.

Seems like Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is one of big skeptics over the cloud gazing, as Dan Farber over at CNET writes tonight. Dan moderated a panel on cloud computing earlier this week at Technology Review EmTech conference.

Larry Dignan at ZDNet wrote earlier this month that cloud computing as a term has become meaningless.

— Andy Plesser, Executive Producer


Frank Kenney, Research Director, Thomas Bittman, Distinguished Analyst, and Daryl Plummer, Managing VP and Gartner Fellow, discuss the risks and rewards of Cloud Computing.

I’ve got to say there aren’t enough sceptical voices that could bring more balance in this debate. However, Larry does a cracking job of making up for everyone else!

Larry Ellison calls out Cloud Computing

This is more of a podcast, but is actually rather an apposite rant about fads / bandwagons in the IT Industry.

Worthwhile listening to if you don’t believe all the hype! ;-)

Ok, we’ve seen lot of people saying great things about Cloud Computing. However, Gartner believe that Cloud Computing is at the top of their Hype Cycle – so beware!

Also, watch this vid from Gartner (with 80’s throwback graphics) about how the Hype Cycle works.

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