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by Justin Souter on August 3, 2009

A quick post to republish this document that I found via ‘Government advice urges tweeting’ article on the BBC website.

The source for this is the Cabinet Office’s digital engagement blog. If you are a corporate, then this is for you.


Quoting from the document: “It covers:

  • Objectives and metrics – why we are using Twitter, and how we will assess its value
  • Risks and mitigation – how we will contain the risks to our corporate reputation
  • Channel proposition and management – how we will populate and use the channel
  • Promotional plan – how we will promote our presence on Twitter to maximise value”


The Author, Neil Williams, of BIS, suggests that “some of the benefits I’ve found of having this document in my armoury are:

  • To get buy-in, explain Twitter’s importance to non-believers and the uninitiated, and face down accusations of bandwagon-jumping
  • To set clear objectives and metrics to make sure there’s a return on the investment of staff time (and if there isn’t, we’ll stop doing it)
  • To make sure the channel is used consistently and carefully, to protect corporate reputation from silly mistakes or inappropriate use
  • To plan varied and interesting content, and enthuse those who will provide it into actively wanting to do so.
  • As a briefing tool for new starters in the team who will be involved in the management of the channel”

As they say in Parliament: “I commend this to the House”! HMG does *not* in this case allude to a Heavy Machine Gun, but Her Majesty’s Government… ;-D

Template Twitter Strategy for Government Departments

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A cheeky re-publish of some content from the L’Atelier blog:

“Twitter Director of Media Programming Chloe Sladden and Twitter Director of Mobile Kevin Thau were at (Paris Soma) to introduce Twitter and its strategy, and how the trendy start-up impacts the media scene.”

What is Twitter? from Atelier BNP Paribas on Vimeo.

Twitter Strategy from Atelier BNP Paribas on Vimeo.

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