Social Media in a B2B context

by Justin Souter on July 28, 2009

Last week I made a business development call on a local company, who were looking to find out more about Social Media–and what it could do for them.

They are a business-to-business organisation, and I was slightly stumped when asked about B2B case studies in Social Media, so I decided to have a bit Google and find out more.

Summary Presentation

The following is a really rather good presentation, which I have embedded from Slideshare.

B2B uses for social media

According to Dan Sears, you might consider the following:

  • Listen and monitor the online conversation
  • Gather product requirements and feedback
  • Alert customers of new product features, upcoming events
  • Introduce products to prospects
  • Develop advocates and Industry influencers
  • Reposition products and brands
  • Share information during tradeshows and events
  • Align and connect communities of interest and practice
  • Generate awareness and exposure (press release)

Which of these might be useful for you?

Link Love

There are also a number of good links below to get you started. The Marketing Profs article “latching” (although 3rd hand) has a useful swathe of numbers which might whet your marketing appetite.

I’ve also included an article I’ve found which sets out the Devil’s Advocate position, i.e. that it’s a waste of time [but it’s from 2007 ;-)].

I hope you find these useful. I found them in a quick Google search, so there is much more material out there.

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