How Teenagers consume media and other stories

by Justin Souter on July 24, 2009

Last week there was a bit of a to-do when a teenager, working as a Summer intern at the investment bank Morgan Stanley, was suddenly propelled to his 15 minutes of fame by the MS PR machine. His report below was published and kicked off a mini media storm (well ok, some City analysts were interested).

Great spot by my former colleague David Gentle:

@justingsouter did you see this about teens? fascinating!

[btw, it’s worth clicking on the ‘full screen’ button on the top right of the Scribd widget, as it makes the documents easier to read. Click on the cross (again top right) to close full screen mode].

How Teenagers Consume Media

To be fair, these are concise and interesting observations, and not having any bairns of my own, and Caroline’s having "flown the nest", for me it’s insight. Perhaps it’s also a minor tipping point in terms of Social Media being taken seriously?

In the spirit of balance, Roo Reynolds gives a rather fine round-up of contrarian view to young Matthew – How teenagers consume media, apparently.

Another report, this time from Nielsen, paints a different picture – which would appear to warm the cockles of traditional broadcasters etc.:

Nielsen Study: How Teens Use Media (June 2009) — Read in "Full Screen" Mode

So, overall some food for thought, as these are the Consumer of the future (and present, of course!).

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