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by Justin Souter on July 16, 2009


A post looking at Hoults Yard on Tyneside, and recent activities there:

  • A recent Digital Transport event, run by Newcastle University
  • A stop of the Digital Mission UK tour
  • And the latest Think and a Drink event

Hoults Yard

This bit of the post is a quick write-up of a visit I made to Hoults Yard with the eponymous Charlie.

I think it’s worth saying that the Hoults are family friends, that Charlie’s a good mate of my Brother’s, and that we were all at school together.

He, Kate (Charlie’s lovely wife) and the family are also good mates of Caroline’s and mine, and they’ve recently moved in close by. In fact, our new house is even closer to them…

Charlie showed me round the Yard, photos of which are below. He’s keen to attract the next generation of digital entrepreneurs and start-ups to the Yard, and has recently launched NomadNewcastle – “an open plan office space that small businesses and freelancers to share”.

There’s also a new development called The Kiln, described as:

The Kiln is the latest office development at Hoults Yard, Newcastle upon Tyne – 6 ground floor and 16 first floor offices in 450-5000 sq ft spaces. The Kiln will be ready for occupiers in early 2009, but you are welcome to view now and join our growing pre-let list.

[although I know some folk are already moving in… ;-)]

The yard used to be a famous pottery called Malings, and many elements from the Yard speak of this background. Check out the photos above to see some of the Frank Cooper marmalade jars! A little more background:

Other plans are centred around housing Artists in an old personal storage building, and also to help develop the Ouseburn Digital, Media and Marketing Cluster.

Digital Transport event

I was part of the team led by Hannah Bryan, putting on the recent “Where do you think you’re going event”, which looked at the future role of technology in transport.

Photos from the event below, and my feedback from the event in an earlier post here. It was held in ‘The Rail Head’ building at Hoults Yard [named because it used to be where goods were loaded, and raw materials unloaded from trains – on their way to and from the docks].

Photo credit to g j2006

Digital Mission event

You may recall I went to Texas earlier this year, to South by South West. I was part of the Digital Mission to SXSW, namely:

Digital Missions are a series of trade missions organised by Chinwag and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI).

The missions support UK digital companies to expand internationally, understand foreign markets, attract investment, find partners and develop business relationships.

I thought it would be good to ‘get the band back together’ [er, sort of] as the Digtal Mission UK Tour hit Newcastle. See Benjamin Ellis’ photos below from the afternoon event, and also the evening session, more of which is in the next section.

Think and a Drink

Final section to this post was a recent Think and a Drink event I (briefly) attended. Some great photos, via Paul Santos photography I believe. I am in the Stetson, bought from Allens Boots in Austin, Texas.

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