GameHorizon feedback #gh09

by Justin Souter on July 9, 2009

My impressions

I thought I should write up my thoughts re my recent attendence at GameHorizon:

  • It seems pretty clear that the Computer Games industry is a major success story
    • Apparently making more money than film & music [although all I can find on Google are rather dodgy get-rich-quick schemes which refer to this…!]
    • What I *did* find was a report from back-end of 2008, quoted here and here, saying “Verdict research predicts gaming will become the UK’s premier leisure activity before 2009”
  • But it seems to be in ‘stealth mode’ in terms of profile
    • There have been various controversies about computer games – which are set out in this section from Wikipedia
    • Reminds me of my MBA paper on Microsoft & Public Affairs paper [which I should publish]
      • The nub of this was that Bill didn’t take politics seriously until he found his competitors were using their political connections as a business strategy
  • Also is on the cusp of convergence of various positive technological trends
    • 3D & virtual worlds
    • Serious Games
  • Favourite sessions
    • Sneaking in the Back Door to become an AAA Multiplatform Studio‘ Sponsored by Game Republic – Paul Wedgwood, CEO and Game Director, Splash Damage Ltd.
    • ‘Separating Fact from Fiction: the Future of Digital Distribution’ – Roger Walkden, CEO, AWOMO
    • ‘Development Opportunities in PlayStation Home’ Peter Edward, Director, PlayStation Home Platform Group
    • Panel Discussion: ‘Game Exposure – The naked truth about marketing your self published IP’ Sponsored in partnership by BAFTA and Northern Film + Media.
    • [that’s enough – Ed.]
  • Pretty reasonable games industry in the UK, also in Europe
  • Cutting edge stuff going, which I have highlighted in my list of favourite sessions
    • What struck me was the the Social Media / online component that many companies are only now discovering seems to be standard operating procedure for the games industry – as Paul Farley (Managing Director, Tag Games) explained.

I met some good people & am following up various business opportunities. This was an eye-opener for me, and I expect to see the Games industry as part of a major convergence of computing trends in the home.

Live bloggging info

If you would like to read my live blogging notes from the conference, please see this summary page.

UPDATE: Interesting interview with Ian Livingstone of Eidos re GH

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