Digital Transport event feedback

by Justin Souter on July 9, 2009

I recently helped organise the “Where do you think You’re going” event that was held by Newcastle University at Hoults Yard. This post is a quick bulleted list of my feedback, and also a highlight of material from James Burke.


  • Content
    • Eclectic and genuinely thought-provoking
    • Presenters were clearly experts in their fields [well, from my lay perspective!]
    • Forward looking and thinking differently, not just extending ‘today’
  • Organisation
    • Teamwork – well done Hannah for pulling it off (and various others…)
    • Online as much as offline – see this post for the WDYTYG social media strategy
    • Before, during & after = important to follow up afterwards
  • The Day itself
    • Good grub via the ‘pyromaniacs lunch’, aka a barbecue ;-)
    • Good chairing & summarising by Eric Sampson and Jenni Borg
    • The venue worked well at Hoults Yard

James Burke presentation

I thought James was right on the money with this presentation, which probably isn’t as good as it was in the flesh:

I’ve also looked up the following elements from James’ presentation, which were particularly strong:

Conversation Prism

The Conversation Prism by Brian Solis and Jesse Thomas


This is by Dr. Michael Wesch and his team at Kansas State University. If you’ve ever struggled to explain the difference between HTML and XML, your prayers have been answered!

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