GameHorizon live-blog #6: ‘Future of Digital Distribution’; ‘Future Technologies’; ‘PlayStation Home’

by Justin Souter on June 24, 2009

  • ‘Separating Fact from Fiction: the Future of Digital Distribution’
    • Roger Walkden, CEO, AWOMO
  • ‘Future Technologies’
    • Steve Clayton, Microsoft
  • ‘Development Opportunities in PlayStation Home’
    • Peter Edward, Director, PlayStation Home Platform Group

UPDATE – I’m publishing the first bit of this session as a bulleted list, as the CIL service was offline to begin with…

    ‘Separating Fact from Fiction: the Future of Digital Distribution’ – Roger Walkden, CEO, AWOMO

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  1. In ten years time, who here thinks that the majority of games will be sold digitally?
    • Big show of hands…
  2. Quote
    • Dan DeMatteo – Gamestop –
    • Someone from BT
    • "Digitally delivered videogames will hit the mainstream before digital film"
  3. Example
    • 15-20 million copies of Crysis downloaded globally in 2008
    • EA said they had sold 1 million copies, so you could argue that age of download has already arrived
  4. Bejeweled
    • 50m on mobile
    • 25m copies sold – 100% legal
  5. So when will *core* games be *sold* using digital download
  6. Call of Duty 1 was 1.4Gb download – therefore average time to download this game in 02 took 6 hours
    • CoD was 9hr+ download because it was 4Gb
    • CoD was 8Gb, and took 6hr+ for download because of faster download speed
  7. Roger talks about a Technology gap
    • Size of the download is always bigger than the speed of the download
    • Infrastructure doesn’t keep up with game development
  8. Deliver the whole game in one slug over the wire is how things are done now
    • This is changing
    • e.g. OnLive – use very big datacenter e.g. Google
  9. AWOMO
    • Give the consumer what they need to play the game, and give them other stuff later
    • e.g. YouTube – you have to wait for the video to arrive before you can see it – e.g. Streaming
    • For 8Gb game, you will get in 20 minutes enough to be able to start playing CoD, and rest is downloaded whilst you have started playing it
  10. Back to the
    • Illegally, download for games tipping point was reached ages ago
    • For casual games it has also tipped
    • For MMOs this has happened
    • So, question is when *legal* downloads will happen
  11. Question: what years saw the world’s first IP / rights management dispute?
    • 557AD – e.g. St Columba was asked to copy Abbot Finnian’s Psalter
      • Ended up in a battle where 3k people were killed
    • In 1436, Gutenburg brought in industrial printing
    • 1662 – Licensing Act
    • In-built rights management – 1877 & the Phonograph (you couldn’t copy it)
  12. 1928, the audiotape was invented, so you could copy anything
  13. Ownership of entertainment does not reside in the product itself – it’s a licence to…
    • DRM simply protects the IP holder

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