GameHorizon live-blog #4: ‘Survival of the fittest’; & ‘next Evolution in casual MMOPGs’

by Justin Souter on June 23, 2009

  • Panel discussion: ‘Survival of the fittest’
    • Chaired by Jamil Moledina (Outreach Director, EA Partners, Electronic Arts) with
    • Darren Jobling (Business Development Director, Eutechnyx),
    • Mark Rein (Vice President, Epic Games),
    • Conor Sheridan (FX Dealer Manager, Custom House),
    • Robert Bond (Head of IP, Technology and Commercial, Speechly Bircham),
    • Alex Carter-Silk (Partner, IP, Technology and Commercial, Speechly Bircham)
  • ‘The next Evolution in casual massively multiplayer online games’
    • Chris Bergstresser, CEO Vector Entertainment

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